“Bay Tree Bungalow” | Vero Beach, FL | 20162020-12-02T00:56:13+00:00
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“Bay Tree Bungalow” | Vero Beach, FL | 2016


This house is built around a tropical courtyard and turquoise pool. The client has traditional taste but also loves a clean and modern interior. The challenge for this home were the narrow rooms that run together in sequence and every room has an entire wall of glass on one side and no windows on the opposite. Using mirrors and black painted handmade furniture, we balanced the rooms.  We used a palette of refreshing white with broad strokes of green that mirror the tropical foliage just outside along with black. I have many favorite spots in this house but my two favorites are:  the window at the end of the long living room becomes a real-life large painting of foliage over the floating sofa flanked by two custom-designed mirrors grounded with black console tables; and in the dining room the unexpected “library” floor to ceiling black bookshelf and the bright coral painted vintage open lantern. Custom made raffia wrapped console tables with mirrors reflect the courtyard so you feel as if you are outside. With all of the doors wide open it is really hard to tell that you’re not!


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